Let’s get geared up for the IPL Season!

Indian premier league IPL known as one of the biggest T20 league in the world is all being set. It is an action-packed 2 months-long tournament that is sure to make anyone watching get a heart attack. IPL is so intense and has such a significant role in the world of cricket it is closely followed not only in Indian but by countries throughout the globe. Since it is such a high profile league of cricket, there are few things one has to understand and know to enjoy the game thoroughly.

What is IPL?

The Indian premier league of the IPL is the biggest and the most celebrated T20 league in the world. Started by the Board of Cricket Council, BCCI in 2008 it slowly becomes the most anticipated cricket league in India. The league has typically 8 teams each representing a region of the nation. They all battle it out in a 20 over cricket format to determine the best teams of the league. The main motive of why this league was started is to give more opportunities to young and budding talents of this country.

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IPL auction

The first thing one needs to know is about the IPL auction. This happens every year to make sure every team has a sufficient amount of players for the league. A team usually can have up to 25 players, so the team managements battle it out in an auction for the players of their choice. Every team has the option to retain players every year and leave some if they want to. So every year teams try to fill up those back holes with players of a better calibre than the players they let loose.

Team formation

Every team can have a maximum of 25 players. Out of which the team is allowed to have a maximum of 7 players from other countries. For playing 11, a team can have a maximum of 4 players from other countries. This allows many local players of the country to play with some of the best players in the world. Under the guidance of some of the best players in the country and from other countries as well.

IPL format

From the start to end IPL is played for 60 games. There are totally 8 teams, so each team has to play with every other team. Every team will have a home match where the opponent comes to their home ground for a game, and then this team goes to their place for a game in their home town. This comprises of the league stages of the game. Once the league stages are over the top 4 teams from the league stages goes on to play in the playoffs.

The team in the 1st and 2nd position battles it out and the winner does directly into finals of the tournament. Them the team in 3rd and 4th position battles in an eliminator where the losing team is sent out of the tournament. Then the winning team from the second playoff and the losing team from the first playoff play each other to get the second finalist for the tournament.

Are you excited?

These are the basic things that you have to know and understand if you want to know and understand the process of the game. During the weekdays there will only be one game per day, but on the weekends there will be two games per day. This may seem like a long tournament, but once the season starts, you would never realize how fast all these matches went by.


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