What’s it Like Being a Political Satirist in Election Season in India

Being a Political Satirist in Election Season

Comedy is a part of our society where artists bring forward their views about the current happenings within our society. As of now, the hot topic for discussion is the elections set to get a new government. Who is not willing to express their views about the parties contesting elections, I guess everyone and so are the comedians.

So, Anupama Chopra who has done the interview of many Bollywood celebrities till now in the Film companion, a YouTube channel has made a debut by inviting the leading comedians Sanjay Rajoura, Kunal Kamra, Rajeev Nigam and Varun Grover to talk on the Indian Politics and the Election 2019.

Kunal Kamra

When Anupama Chopra, the host asked them about their day to day lives and how they are consuming the big events right from the morning, Kunal Kamra replied, “Rajoura aur main hum dono subah nahi uthate”. And then Rajoura added, “Main toh raat Ko sota hi nahi”. But on a serious note Kamra then went ahead and said how he was asked to be selective while cracking jokes, while he was at a college for a show. “Please aap sirf Modiji par joke mat marna, ek Arvind Kejriwal pe mar Dena aur ek Rahul Gandhi pe bhi mar Dena par sirf Modiji par nahi”.

To which, Kamra Replied, “At what point did you think I would not crack a joke on others and only target Narendra Modi”.

Sanjay Rajoura quickly added, “Logo Ko kaam hi samajh nahi aaya. Jab Banda apna karne lagega toh bolenge ki ye kyu kar rahe ho. Kuch nikhad logo ke saath deal karna padta hai”. Varun had something important to say and he goes on, “Shaadi me jalebi banane wale Ko bulaya aur bola jalebi ko jalebi Jaisi mat banao”. Grover also added, “There are no female comics in the political comedy because it involves a lot of risk, abuse BN and hate online.

Only Hindu men can afford to handle these problems. It’s unfortunate to have only men on the panel”. When Anupama went ahead with debating on why female comedians are few, Sanjay said, “If there is a woman who is doing political comedy, pehele toh usko rape threat hi aa jayega. What sense this makes! Does a woman not have right to express her views freely without being judged?”.

Rajeev said, “Kabhi kuch accha video dekh ke agar koi lady ne comment Kiya, agar comments mei ja kar ke dekhenge, toh 10 log uske upar comment karenge, abusive rahenge. Log bagair jaane kuch bhi comment kar dete hai”.

Sanjay made a point, “Aurto ko encourage hi nahi Kiya jaata, process uss tarah ki nahi hai. Tyre change karna hai toh kisi ladke se karva denge. Phir Baad me ladki Ko bolenge ki tumhe tyre change karna nahi aata. Kahan se aayega bhai? Aapne develop hi nahi hone diya. Old women who are in their 40’s, if they are told to climb on the escalators, they are afraid and people laugh at it which should not be entertained, She is afraid because Indian society has not provided her that privilege to know about climbing it and not getting afraid, Women can’t drive. Kaise karenge jab aap unka confidence shatter karte ho.”

The comedians on panel went ahead and expressed their views on allegations about taking bribe. Rajeev was talking about a video that he posted and what comments he received. “Log comment kar rahe hai Kitna paisa khaya tune BJP se, ye toh Congress ka dalla hai, saala Congress se paisa kha ke baitha hai. Tu bika hua hai.”

When Anupama asked about what pressure they feel being the source of information, Kamra rightly pointed out that he feels no pressure but instead responsible to put forward a point. He says, “If I have a very important point and a very weak joke, opinion will only matter if your art matters. Opinion doesn’t matter if you make bad work.

As for death threats, Rajeev says, “log poochte hai aap khula khula Modiji ke baare mei kaise bol lete hai? Ab khula khula Na bole toh kya bathroom mei band ho ke thodi bolenge. Khula khula bolta hu tabhi log sunte hai. Andar andar mei toh party ke bhi log bolte hai. Kaun sunta hai unki? Mujhe police protection mei rehena pada tha. Continuously calls aate the aur har call me ya toh gaali milti thi ya seedha maar Dunga ki dhamkiya.”

When asked about how far they go in making jokes or test jokes with friends, Kamra admitted whenever I feel I have crossed the line, the first call I give is to Grover and ask him ki Sir thoda zyaada bol diya kya?

In the end, Rajoura presented a very tough and bitter truth. He said, “Jab Sardar Patel ka indigenous statue banne waala tha toh Modiji ne kaha ki saare Gujarati ghar se Loha le kar aayenge. Tab musalmano ne apni G**nd se sariya Nikal ke diya ki Sir aap ye le lo.”

Watch the full video here:

If not for comedians, some major issues might never have been addressed and hats off to their courage and sensitivity that they have the guts to question the system in their own satirical way!!


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