What are the top OTT platforms in India?

Over the top or OTT platforms is something that is taking over the media as we speak. At any given point of the day there are millions of people sitting in front of their computers or laptops watching their favorite web series over any of the world renounced OTT platforms. For a country like India where the country is slowing converting itself to this digital media world these OTT platforms are gold. Not everyone owns a computer in India and the most convenient mode of entertained is through these OTT platforms on their mobile devices. So if you are one of those media enthusiasts who are in search for the best and the most reliable OTT platform in India you have come to the right place.

India being a country of many languages it is important that these platforms are able to provide content for every user. What this means is that taking the position as one of the top most popular OTT platform in India is a huge task by itself. And more international competitors coming in to the market the rivalry is even more. But for an Indian user this could not get any better as the options for them are increasing every day.

Here are the top most popular OTT platforms in India


Netflix as we all know is an international monster in this space and it has made its mark in India as well. With Netflix providing content in almost every most spoken regional language in India along with international contents under one roof it is tough for a user to take it out of consideration. Their originals are something worth binge watching every time and the capital that has been put in to making the content for this platform adds the elite standard that it has set for itself.

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Everything for the quality of videos, the audio and the features of this platform makes it one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. The only drawback of this application is that it is the most priced platform in India. With subscription rates between 500 INR to 800 INR this is the most priced OTT platform in the country. But, in anything every penny spent is worth it.

Amazon prime videos

Amazon prime videos is an OTT platform the e-commerce tycoon Amazon inc. They have been in India far more years than Netflix and some other international or national platforms. Amazon is one serious competitor for Netflix as Amazon prime videos is able to provide a lot of the content that Netflix is able to provide with some of its own originals and other regional language programs at a fraction of the subscription rate. Amazon prime videos also gives its subscribers unlimited access to music in their other application and unlimited free delivery on their e-commerce site. Hard to top that is it not?

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The subscription rate per month is 199 INR and 999 INR per year.


Hotstar an initiative by the star network into the OTT media space has made a name for itself. It is one of the most used OTT platforms in India. They have a large library of web series and movies for a user to choose from. To top this they also cover all the shows on their regional and national channels. Hotstar has the edge in sports and reality TV shows that the other platform may not be able to prove in all situations. For the Indian fan boys of the game of thrones arguably the best TV show of the 21st century is available only on Hotstar. The annual subscription rate is 999 INR and INR 299 / month for the prime pack. They have recently introduced a 365 INR annual pack which is gaining them a ton of users in recent times.

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Voot has made a name for itself by covering the northern regions of the country in the recent past. With over 35,000 hours of media streaming available on the application that moistly covers the colors channel line is most popular for its TV shown and its regional movies. Even though the platform contains media that covers every part of the country it is most popular on the northern part of India.

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The best part of this platform is that it is completely free and all their content is free for its users. The only drawback in this platform is that it generates it revenue through ads. So the constant ads that might popup in this application is a bit on the down side.


Viu is an international OTT platform that is currently running successfully in 16 different countries. This platform has 17,000 hours of run time for Indian content along across 10 regional languages. They have a lot of their originals as well. All these factors make this one of the top most OTT platforms of India. The subscription charge for this application is 99 INR per month.

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There are a lot of other OTT platforms like the Zee 5, TVF play, Hooq, ALT Balaji, Bigflix, Sony LIV, Eros Now and many such that are in talks as some of the best and the most popular OTT platform in India. With that said there are pros and cons for every platform so it all comes down to the users preferences and choices at the end of the day.


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