Top five Fitness Freaks of Bollywood

Fitness is quite important when it comes to Bollywood actors and actresses. They spend hours training and exercising in the gym, following a strict and disciplined diet and again involving in activities that keep the body moving in order to maintain their slim fit and zero-sized body’s. While all the celebrities involve themselves in some or the other activity, there are some who are highly obsessed with working out and maintain a super strict diet. The results are of course evident in them too. Here are some of the most fitness freaks of Bollywood.

1. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif was spotted with a little bubbly look when she entered Bollywood. However, over the years with a strict diet and exercise, she is one of the most fitness actors of Bollywood. She is highly disciplined when it comes to maintaining her toned physique. Katrina commits herself to work out every day for an hour to three hours and makes sure to include various exercises like yoga, cardio, Pilates and strength training, dance, etc. She also follows a strict diet that does not contain sugar, milk, fried food, and alcohol.

Credits: BizAsia

2. Ishaan Khatter

Chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor’s brother is a charming and chocolate boy himself but what attracts him most are his abs and toned muscles. He is highly energetic and loves to exercise. In fact, his Instagram is filled with posts and stories from his high-intensity workout sessions. He indulges in football and dancing along with his workout. One thing he makes sure to do is to make his workouts as much as fun as possible to keep going. Ishaan prefers to have lots of fruits and vegetables and is quite fond of coconut water as well.

Credits: Hindi News

3. Janhvi Kapoor

The daughter of late actress Sridevi is a fitness freak for sure. She is often spotted in gyms and has herself confessed that she is addicted to her gym and working out in general. The once bubbly child now spots an amazing body that guys would swoon over for and girls would go jealous for. She prefers weightlifting and yoga in general. Further she also swims, jogs or just jumps when she is at home. She also follows a strict diet that contains zero sugar and junk food.

Credist: TimesNow Hindi

4. Malaika Arora Khan

The actress who rose to fame with her moves from the song ChaiyaChaiya is extremely strict about her fitness. She observes tough physical fitness regime despite being a mother. Her perfectly toned body and sexy legs are a secret of several exercises like Power yoga, weight training, high intensity workouts, Pilates etc. She also spends time dancing and swimming to really enjoy the whole process of working out. Her diet consists of homemade food and she keeps herself hydrated throughout the day.

Credits : Twitter

5. Tiger Shroff

With six pack abs and a highly flexible body, he definitely is like Hrithik Roshan in the late 90’s. He follows a strict diet that is low on fat and high on proteins. He also spends most of his time in gym in the morning focusing on exercises to develop strength and agility and often does gymnastics in the evening. He also loves to dance and try out martial arts. With his fitness trainer Dhloe, Tiger takes dram body to the next level. 

Credits: TimesOfIndia