Top fashion trends by Bollywood actresses

Fashion trends keep changing from time to time and its quite a necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion to not let the old one’s affect your style statement. One of the best ways to keep your wardrobe updated is by taking Bollywood actresses for inspiration. They are always updated about the latest trends and some are trendsetters as well. You not only get inspired with the quirky colors but also the styles of dressing. Here are some of the latest fashion trends of the Bollywood Diva’s.

1. Long skirts

Yes! You heard it right. They are back in fashion. Ever since the fashion world spotted Sara Ali Khan wearing long skirts in her movie Simba and keeping it quite casual, people are going crazy about the trend. Pairing them with tank tops and jackets, with crop tops, long kurti’s and what not, long skirts have surely found its way back to the wardrobe

Credits: Pinkvilla

2. Prairie dresses

These dresses were and still is one of the most comfortable clothing you can find. The long length dress had either florals or other printed patterns. With bands at waist and frills at the ends, they take you back to the childhood days and late 90’s when it was a trending fashion. Keeping it simple is a style statement too.

Credits: Hollywood Bollywood Digest

3. Ruffled sarees

This has been quite an interesting trend especially when you turn a traditional wear such a saree to something quite modern and fashionable. With ruffles instead of pleats, from bottom to the top, it looks almost like a gown than a saree. It is simple yet stylish especially when paired with belts for a plain ruffled saree.

Credits: FashionFevr

4. Bell bottom pants

The pants once ruled the fashion industry until pencil jeans and skin fits jeans came along. Now it is back to the hands of bell bottom pants. What is trendier? There are paired with sexy coats and jackets, kurti’s, crop tops and what not. The reign of bell bottom pants has once again begun. So when are you gabbing your pair of bell bottoms?

Credits: Threads WeRIndia

5. Stripes

Whether it be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, stripes have been in trend for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to leave too soon. Stripes make an excellent combination in any type of dress. It can give you the professional look in a coat paired with stripped pant or a cute look in a half-length A- line dress. It gives the freedom to pair it up with heavy and quirky accessories or by jut keeping it simple with a pair of sunglasses. No wonder it is s much loved and preferred by our celebrities.

Credits: The Gossip Mongers