Top 5 TikTok Trends that is going to stick online forever

Even though India tried to ban this popular application, the pleas to remove the ban from its fans was just too much that they had to give in. Tiktok has of course taken the cyberspace by storm and its videos and challenges are trending all over. Why, it has become so popular that even famous actors have started using it. It is one of the most entertaining app and it has won hearts from all over. Here are some of the trends that is popular in tik tok.

1. Independence day challenge

Tiktok users had the chance to showcase their patriotism with the special independence day video created by them. With dialogues from movies on patriotism and songs, this was one of the most popular challenges. Special features like tri-color stamps on cheeks and screen, with messages of unity attracted a wide number of audience.

Credits: YouTube

2. Rain drop challenge

This challenge wave that hit all over Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand didn’t leave India as well.  With coming up with some moves for the song played in background and placing the hand correctly to turn the water dropping to droplets of water, many did the challenge beautifully. The special effects of TikTok gained a number of fans as well.

Credits: YouTube

3. Dididance

Who can forget the adorable green alien who had some groovy moves. The challenge was taken not just by ordinary Tiktok fans but even by Bollywood actors like Shahid Kapoor and varun Dhawan as they danced against Didi with some amazing moves. The DIdi song also went quite popular and it was one of the most loved characters introduced by TikTok.

Credits: YouTube

4. Ways to say dame

The lip sync of this cute sync challenged it users to say the word “dame” in different tones. While it might sound easy, it definitely is not as easy as you thought. Coming up with different tones like ten to twenty to say this one single word is quite a challenge by itself.

Credits: YouTube

5. Baby Shark

Not only did this nursery rhyme go viral among kids but among adults as well, all thanks to Tik Tok. The Baby shark challenge was an interesting one where the adults were putting the steps for this rhyme and dancing. The moves were almost similar to the original nursery rhyme and it was quite fun, I must say to watch adults groove to it.

“Baby shark, doo doo doo doo

Credits: YouTube


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