The 5 Comebacks of Bollywood – Making it favorite of all time

There is a specific time we wanted to time travel back and be in the times of our favorite Bollywood stars. And it is always amazing to see them on screen. When they give a comeback- they really mean it. Due to various factors, some had withdrawn from the film industry, but when they appear back; they are powerful, strong, and exceptionally beautiful and strong than ever thought.  No matter if that is a best or worst comeback, this is a stunning moment to see them back. More than us, just check out on your fathers- They already have booked their tickets. Aren’t they?

Here are the top 5 Bollywood celebrities who just stole the thunder by giving the great comeback of all time.

1.  Madhuri Dixit

Some people don’t get older by age. They appear to be young. She is too stunning for her age. Not just in the ’80s and 90’s even today she rules the hearts. We learned ‘Ek Do Teen’ from her song. After her marriage, she left Bollywood industry and got settled in America. She appeared in Aaja Nachle and Gulab Gang, and it didn’t turn out pretty well. However, her acting and dancing in Kalank are more than beautiful.

Credits: DNA India

2. Govinda

Govinda was the most expected actor to return in the Bollywood. His talent is furious, and even after all these years, he showed himself the best on-screen. Compared to many of his contemporaries, Govinda looks young, charm and lost the weight. He partnered with Salman Khan after 12 years in the movie Partner, and it didn’t work out as a movie. However, he had been poured with love and affection from all the ’70s to 90’s kids.

Credits: dbpost

3. Tabu

Tabu is one of the most versatile actresses in the film industry. Not just in Bollywood, she was recognized in different industries in India entirely. Her first movie was Prem release in 1987, and she consecutively acted in 100s of the film within a short period in all languages. Before her gap she served in ‘Cheeni Kum,’ and it was always remembered. While her comeback was in ‘Life of Pie’ and she elevated her career from then. Her other choices of films include ‘Golmaal Again’ and ‘Drishyam.’

Credits: DNA India

4. Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna’s films were the most awaited films in Bollywood. Neck-to-Neck with Amitab Bachchan he rules the Bollywood films. He slowly gave up his stardom in the industry by seeking spirituality. He made a hard come in the movie ‘Satyamev Jayate,’ but the audience didn’t stick around. Though he continued acting in Insaaf. But people really loved him on those old golden days.

Credits: Samaa TV

5. Raveena Tandon

She was unbeatable and had a non-competitive way of choosing the films. Raveen Tandon gave a new shape to the Masala style of movies in Bollywood. She is still recognized as the Masala Queen of 90s. After her marriage, she decides to quit; however, she made her appearance in the award shows and Bollywood nights. Raveena made a comeback in 2015 in Bombay Velvet song of Anurag Kashyap’s movie. She is all over loved again.

Credits: PeakLife

Despite the reason why these celebrities have taken the break, they are always at the top of the mind. No one can replace their figure, and their actions cannot be faded away.


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