The 5 Celebrities who shockingly became the national crush of India

Internet is a real monster. They can publicize and take you to a different extent. At the same time, you need to understand they can fade away the very next day. It is similar to our World cup and IPL match. The person who gets highly trolled on the internet during IPL can always be an heartthrob in World Cup. No wonder! Check Dinesh Karthik’s profile.  What do you call such incidents? Destiny and Luck takes far up or down. Here are 10 such celebrities who shockingly became the viral of the internet. They are nation crush of India in 2019.

1. Priya Prakash Varrier

It all started just at the right moment with her. Priya Prakash is an Indian Actor and Model who became one of the sensational celebrities in only one song. Her debut film “Oru Adar Love” in Malayalam carried a “Maanika Malaraya Poovi” which was released before the movie. Her expression won the hearts of millions. She is now popularly called as “Wink Girl,” and currently she holds the Instagram follower of 5.2 Million.

Credits: Adage India

2. Boy Roeles

He is an 18-year-old security guard for the famous Canadian Singer Justin Bieber. The Boy Roles was spotted in Netherland during the PinkPop Music Show. One of the attendees in the event clicked the picture of him posting “Justin’s Handsome Security Guard.” And also attributed to that his social media account had dashing pictures of him and that’s how he became famous.


3. Lee Minwei

If a charming smile can make someone a top celebrity, then you must take a look at the story of Lee Minwei. He is a 22-year-old Corporal belongs to Auxiliary Police Force at Chicago. During his routine, he was clicked by one of the visitors while he was checking the passports at the counter. That image was sent through a local humor site, and that night was his night.

4. Arshad Khan

Do you regret that you are not working in a tea stall? Because that’s where Arshad Khan had the opportunity to work with famous singer Muskan Jay. Arshad is a 17-year-old guy in Islamabad working at a tea stall. His image was captioned as “Hot tea,” which went viral, and his blue eyes were the typical reason. He couldn’t digest the popularity initially, but later he learned things and bagged few modeling opportunities.

Credits: The Straits Times

5. Saima Hussain Mir

A student from Symboisis Institue of Design was captured in one of the groupfie taken by Sharukh Khan during his promotion for Raees. After the picture was shared by Sharukh, the picture went viral with her noticeably. She was praised all over the internet for her beauty and as well trolled by a lot of people. She later deleted her profile disgusted by the memes with her last note saying, “I’m more than a pretty face.”


If you eventually see all of these Celebrities, all of them are from the standard no-media background. And most of them do not even have social media accounts until they were recognized. Now they set a market for Luck in social media to prove that “there is no prejudgment in social media.”


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