Shocking statement by Sunil Grover. Says “I do not watch Kapil Sharma show”

Sunil and Kapil

Shocking statement by Sunil Grover: The movie ‘Bharat’ is set to hit cinema halls on the 5th of June. That is why the promotion of this film has caught up great acceleration. As a part of the promotion, what could be a better media than to be on the Kapil Sharma show! Reportedly, his next guest would be the lead actor of the film Salman Khan on his show and if rumors were to be believed, Sunil Grover could accompany the actor.

During a promotional event, when the comedian and actor Sunil Grover was asked about being on the Kapil Sharma show and Shocking statement by Sunil Grover, he replied, “I have spoken to Salman Khan about this issue, he can give me advice as far as I am concerned but it can’t be applied to me’. On a closing note, he made a statement that could surprise you. He said ‘ I do not watch that show of which I am not a part of any more’.

Now, everybody is aware of the scuffle that happened in the plane from Australia between top comedians of the entertainment industry Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. This dispute stretched beyond limits because of which other actors of the show Ali Asghar, Chandan Prabhakar, and Sunil Grover quit the show. Although Kapil Sharma apologized for his misbehavior but what’s done is done and the damage had been caused. With this entire goof-up, Sunil thought it’s best to keep a distance from Kapil and his show. We could never expect water under the bridge from these two comedians, I suppose.

About the film ‘Bharat’, along with Salman Khan, the film has Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff and Sunil Grover in it and is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.


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