Photography hacks- Cool Game changer effects

Professional photography can cost a lot. Still, you can take attractive pictures by spending only some of the cost, even also spending nothing but using simple hand tools. Photography isn’t a big issue to get worried about. All you need is some patience and time so that you can achieve similar results of spending big bucks on the advanced package.  Here some cool hacks that help you take stunning pictures

Lights and Shades

To get exciting shadow effects to use flash in your camera and place an object in front so that it throws an interesting shadow on the subject. You can also use some nearby objects like a tea strainer, different pattern white lace for getting attractive shades of light.

Photography with Plastic Cups

This hack is so cheap and easy to try at home. You’ll need a plastic cup, scissors, tape, and your camera. First, cut the base of the cup and fix it to the lens of the camera with tape. Secondly, place the cup over the object and click your picture. This works perfectly because the cup acts as a diffuser and also holds the camera securely without any movement.

Colored Lens Filter Photography

Like the name, this hack is super cool and fun to make it yourself at home. All you need is some plastic sheets, color markers, scissors, a camera lens, and a string to tie the sheet. Initially, trace the shape of the lens in the plastic sheet and cut down as per the shape. Then draw the different patterns in the plastic sheet with different color markers. Now place the colored plastic sheet on the lens before capturing a picture. You could see an attractive image with colored filters.

DIY Lens Flares

This would be the easiest photography trick on your list. Make sure you have a CD, of course, it might be your favorite one and camera. Flash the CD from different angles so that some of the reflected light from CD gets into the lens. But make sure you remove the lens hood in case of DSLR camera before you try this method as the lens hood is specially made to prevent lens flare.

Focus with Pantyhouse

This hack might be convenient for female photographers, as the main thing you need for this filter is pantyhose. Place pantyhose over the lens of your camera and secure the fabric with a rubber band or string around the lens. This type of hack creates different soft-focus effects like gray color with black pantyhose, soft neutral color with skin-colored pantyhose, and other soft colored effects with corresponding colored stockings.

DIY Bouquet shapes Photography

In this type of photography hack, you’ll need a DSLR camera lens, black paper, tape, scissors, and serial lights. Firstly, draw the shape of the lens on the black paper and cut it down accordingly. Now draw different patterns like hearts, stars as per your wish on the black paper and make it as a cup over the lens. Then use a low aperture setting and shoot towards the light, adjusting the focus ring to achieve the bouquet shape as your desire.

Star Effects Photography

This hack is now popular among everyone. As I could see, many pictures using this hack on social media. The only thing you need for this hack is Christmas lights! Yes, serial lights. Wrap serial light over you merely as per your desired outcome in a dark room and shoot the picture, adjusting the focus. As you can see, the picture with a star-like effect on you. No wonder how it’s popular as its so simple effect that everyone could try out to their own.

Laptop Background

This type of hack is useful to take pictures of small objects, of course, perfect for wedding ring photography. Don’t stress out, it’s that simple and a helpful hack if you are running out of time planning for a perfect backdrop. All you need is to select a bouquet picture on your laptop and place the subject before it.  Adjusting the focus, you can shoot the picture with a stunning backdrop within time.


There is no perfect picture without proper lighting. It doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do is place a white transparent sheet over a window. Now that the light is diffused to the amount needed on the subject, which is placed in front of it and switch the camera to AV mode for a quality picture, it isn’t that simple.

Multi-Droplet Shot

In this type of hack, you need some necessary supplies to get the effect. The things you’ll need are a piece of glass, sprayer for creating water droplets, plastic wrap, vivid fabrics, or even colored candy and a good tripod. Setup the camera is facing the floor using a tripod near a window for good lighting. Place the glass on a high surface and wrap the glass with plastic wrap for spraying water on the top of the plastic wrap. Now slide the patterned paper underneath the glass and focus the lens for the perfect view, that’s it multi droplet picture is captured in easy steps.


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