Mouth-Watering Foods from Movies and Series

1. Butterbeer

There is no particular introduction needed to this drink from the Harry Potter movies. As a kid, we would all have wished to taste this exotic drink. With low alcohol content, the drink could be had either hot or cold and yet it gave a warming effect. The author of the book JK Rowling often described it as a little less butterscotch.

Credits: Top Secret Recipes

2. The one with the cheesecake

For all the FRIENDS fans out there, this is one episode that can never be forgotten. The cheesecake that Chandelier and Rachel go crazy about has made our mouths water too. Some of us have ever wondered about the other delicious cakes from Momma’s little bakery. But when we hear cheesecake, it is that cheesecake that comes to our mind.

Credits: E! Online

3. Lembas Bread

The Lord of the Rings Lembas bread, which is also known as waybread, was food that elves carried when they travelled. This bread that stays fresh for months has piped our interests. Wrapped in mallorn left it was baked until it was thin and crisp. Who would not love to eat bread like that?

Credits: YouTube

4. The Turkish delight

The white witches Turkish delight from The Lion, The Witch and The wardrobe was another food we have all wanted to taste as a kid. The white witch might be evil, but she knows some great recipes. It didn’t help us either that Edward kept on praising the food as it just made us craving for some of it.

Credits: Stay at Home Mum

5. The coffee at Luke’s Diner

Now for all those who are familiar with Luke’s Diner, you are a Gilmore girls fan. Lorelai and Rory have their morning coffee and any other coffee from this little diner, and they claim it to be the best coffee. No other coffee can even match up to the standards. Now, who wouldn’t love to have such a good coffee?


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