Kapil Sharma Accepted his bad Behaviour with Sunil Grover and Journalists

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma, who has brought the comedy in the mainstream and made it a full time job for people recently joined Arbaaz Khan on a Show of QuPlayTV.

Arbaaz khan did ask many tough questions with Kapil about the questions which were yet a mystery like, what made him break up with Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and many other.

When asked about, tweeting about the taxes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he saidVo maine aise hi, Mood me tha, baad me maine bhi realise kiya ke ye galat tha but baad me pata chala ke aise complain karne ka tareeka hai aur vo tweet karna toh hai hi nahi.


He added, “Maine tweet is liye kiya kyu ki mai frustrate hogya tha aur maine pee rakkhi thi”.

When asked about, breaking up with Sunil grover, “Maine bohot baar Sunil Grover ko reply kar diya ke, ye banda mere saath ana hi nahi chahta aur drama kar rha hai. But I love Sunil bhai as I have realised that it was my mistake“.

Kapil added, “Maine ek journalist ko gaali is liye di, kyu ki usne mere baare me galat galat 160 baar likhe, aur mekko pata tha ke ye kyu likh rha hai aur kiske kehne pe likh rha hai toh maine di, mujhe dukh hai iss baat ka ke maine usko gaali di but mai gaali abhi bhi dunga , mai koi sant aadmi nahi hu”.

There were many incidents of “Gali” in the 1 and a half years journey to many people by Kapil and one of them are like this.

At last, Arbaaz added that, there are only less number of haters out there but most of the people loves Kapil Sharma very much. To which Kapil replied, “Failure is the best process to learn many good things and it let’s you learn about handling you life in better you. We get time to learn in the bad times and I am very happy that I learned and I bounced back.”

Here’s the full video:


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