Hashtag trends that can be forever on Social Media

Social media is a space where anything that most of us think irrelevant can gain mass attention and go viral in seconds. Let it be photos, videos, hashtags or even memes. Whether you are active in social media or not, you would have come across these hashtags, videos or images that went so viral in the social media that even world leaders responded to it. Here are some of them that set the internet on fire.

1. #Jcbkikhudayi

JCB was just a vehicle that was used for demolishing building and carrying making space for construction sites. But not anymore. Ever since the video of a groom arriving for his wedding in a JCB became viral, this vehicle has been the star of the social media. The video went so viral that actress Sunny Leone created her own version of the JCB video and the company took it to twitter thanking the supporters and making the hashtag a trend on social media.

Credits: Awaaz Nation

2. #PrayforNesamani

While the whole hashtag started as a joke in a conversation in a Facebook page called ‘Civil Engineering learners’, it soon gained attention and became viral. In fact, it went so viral that people started believing Nesamani to be a real person and started praying for him. What was even more hilarious was when world leaders like Donald trump and UN took it to twitter wishing him wellness. Now who exactly is Nesamani? He is a character portrayed in the Tamil movie friends (2001). In a scene it is shown that his nephew drops a hammer on his head, followed by a hilarious set of consequences.

Credits: Cinema Express

3. #Thewinkgirl

The video of a Malayalam song clip went super viral and people could not stop watching it. The clip was all about a boy looking at a girl and the girl responding back with raising her eyebrows and then winking at him. Many found the scene cute and went looking back to their school day memories. The actress Priya P gained fame even before the release of her movie with this single scene.

Credits: DailyHunt

There are many hashtags and videos that have gone viral on the internet. While some do make sense and can be relatable, some are totally unrelatabble and viewers would have to wonder behind the reason of it going viral. Social media anyways seems to have in store more entertainment than we expected.


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