Gauhar Khan Blames Paras Chhabra in Big Boss 13

Gauhar Khan Accuses Paras Chhabra

Big Boss 13 is announced to be the number one show on the Indian TV right now. It’s bringing all the fun to the Indian Audience. Entertainment is not the problem in this season but the language, abuse, and continuous fight among the members of the house is.

Following the trend, in one of the Captaincy task inside the house, Paras Chhabra said, “I don’t want to compete against the female.” to which Asim replied, “Don’t Judge Female as Inferior to Male rather they are doing much better than any male in this show too.”. Asim shut Paras mouth for a while but as we all know Paras can’t stand the comments from Asim, he kept repeating the same thing again and again and finally as always, that captaincy task was also cancelled.

Gauhar Khan took the stand against the comment that Paras made on 8th January 2020 and said;

Followed by;

The Message that Gauhar wanted to give is very clear and was appreciated by her followers and also ‘Janta’ of India.

This story is followed by the tweet that Indian Michelin star Chef, Vikaas Khanna did on 11th January 2020 after visiting the Big Boss house for a task.

People told that Vikas Khanna is supporting Asim and has done this tweet to show his support and that was denied by Vikas later.

Gauhar took her stand on Vikas’s tweet as well and told;

we all have our favourites and there’s nothing bad to support them.

Edunia team also supports Asim Riaz. Mention your favourites in the comment section below.


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