Did you watch these 5 Details in GOT 8th Season, 5th Episode

1. Opening credits scene

If you are a careful observer of Game of Thrones, you might have noticed the change in the titular sequence of the episode. Instead of the regular titular sequences seen in the previous episodes, we see scorpions that Qyburn created to slay the dragons sitting on top of the kings landing. Easy to miss and yet an important clue for what follows.

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2. The similarity of death of Ned Stark and Varys

In the episode, it can be seen that Varys writes a letter to Jon Snow’s true parents and this letter looks so much similar to the one Ned stark wrote to Stannis Baratheon back in season 1. Likened, it can be seen Varys also pays the price of his actions with his life. Another point is that it can be seen that Varys had written multiple letters, which means there is the possibility that these letters have been sending out.

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3. The little bird

The little girl who acts as a spy for Varys was seen before in the battle of Winterfell, hiding with Varys. She does play an important role considering Varys brought her to Dragonstone with him, and she was being used to poison Daenerys.

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4. Visions

Daenerys vision come to life with King Landing’s destruction coming from her hands. In season two, a similar vision was shown where she walks out of the destroyed throne room, and this was similar to it. Another vision that comes to reality is that of Bran’s where the dragons take over the Kings landing. It has been quite some time we fans have been waiting for that moment.

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5.Jaime’s final words

His final words to Cersei was heart touching. “Look at me in the eyes! Look at me. Nothing else matters. Only us.” Words fit to be final and when his wish of dying in the arms of the woman he loved came true. The repetition of the Lannister song played during the Red wedding made the scene a quite memorable one and one to note as it changed the events of GOT.

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