Best Indian psychological thrillers till date

Indian movies are not just about romance or comedies. There are movies related to social issues, crime thrillers, and even psychological thrillers. Most of these movies are not so popular among the Indian audience and yet is worth watching every moment of it. Here are a few of the best psychological thrillers in Indian cinema.

1. Te3n

With an actor like Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan much are not needed to be said in terms of acting. Written and directed by Ribbu Dasgupta, it tells the story of a 70-year-old desperately trying to find the kidnapper and murderer of his granddaughter. Even though this movie is not so well received, is a must watch.

Credits: Koimoi

2. Drishyam

This Malayalam movie that originally starred Mohanlal was remade into various other languages as well. It was a box office hit. Therefore, The movie tells about the story of a common man who has had no education but is a crazy movie fan. He goes into heights for saving his family from punishment after they commit an accidental crime.

Credits: kmhouseindia

3. Taalash

A mysterious car accident of a well-known actor opens up to a series of similar events that happened. The case is handled by inspector Shekhawat who is coming up with the loss of his son over an accident. Hence, The story takes a turn of events when a call girl decides to help him.

Credits: wiciwit

4. Kartik calling Kartik

It is the story of a lonely and introverted man who is being taken advantage and ridiculed by people around him. But if you see, his life takes a change of events when he starts getting a mysterious phone call, apparently from himself. Quite a thriller if you must ask me.

Credits: The Movie Database

5. Ratchasan

This recent Tamil movie has us all sitting in the hot seat, sweating. The story that revolves around a series of the crime of teenage girls is the same manner. Aslo, Arun Kumar, an aspiring filmmaker who wanted to make a movie on psychopaths but had to give up his reams due to family pressure, takes up the case and starts to investigate. Beautifully unfolded, the movie gave an almost horror effect.

Credits : IBTimes India


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