A Quick Journey through to the First Phase of the Marvel Series

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With the Avengers-End game releasing worldwide, it also marks an end of the era which we grew up and fell in love with. With each Marvel movie, each superhero they introduced, they became part of our family and friends. The Marvel series is an emotion to many of us out there. With the last movie out there, here is a quick recap of the phase one of the series where it all began, according to the year of their release.

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1. Iron Man (2008)

The first Marvel movie where it all began. The story of Marvel series starts with Iron Man Aka Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). An engineering prodigy and genius, Iron Man, tells the story of Tony who was a playboy, but his life changes when a terrorist organization kidnaps him for his technology. He builds the suit to escape, but what happens next become life-changing for him.

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2. The incredible hulk (2008)

The story is about scientist Bruce Banner who is on the run after a failed experiment. Followed by extreme exposure to gamma rays, he turns into a vast, green monster that is totally out of control. While he tries to find a cure, he is faced by challenges by the US Army and Blonksy, who managed to turn like Hulk with Banner’s blood. He flees until he meets Tony.

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3.Iron Man 2 (2010)

In this, we can see that Tony Stark is the most famous person in the world which also puts him into a lot of troubles. He has problems with the government trying to privatize world peace, his relationship with Pepper Pots is stressed, and a new villain is trying to steal the suit.


4. Thor (2011)

With the adventures of earthbound, we also see a glimpse of the Gods. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is ready to take the place of his father, but his brother Loki is jealous about it all. When Thor disobeys his father, he is banished to Earth without his powers and the hammer. However, he regains his strength and fights against his brother gaining control again.

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5. Captain America: The First Avenger

The story is about the first superhero that had emerged back in the 1940s during World war II. Steve Rogers(Chris Evans) is seen as a kid who wants to fight for his country. His life changes when he is given a super soldier serum transforming him to Captain America. While he was presumed to be dead for decades, the truth is he was just frozen.

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6.The Avengers (2012)

With the principle, characters introduced the first Avengers movie where all aspects come together was seen. The story revolves around Loki who has made a deal with aliens to conquer Earth when he could not get Asgard. The Avengers unite to fight Loki and his army and save Earth.

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