How to Get a Visa to the U.S.A?

A Visa stands for Visitors International Stay Admission. It is an authorized document affixed to the visa holder’s passport which permits them to travel or stay in that country for a certain time period.

For many, it’s a dream to visit the U.S. which requires a visa. So, any individual rather than the U.S. citizens require a USA visa to enter the country. Visa will be granted based on the purpose of the visit of an individual.

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However, the US allows the citizens of 39 visa waiver countries to travel for about 90 days without the USA visa. If you belong to the country that is a part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), then all you need is just a VWP stamp on your passport. But there are few norms that you need to follow if you travel under this category.

You can apply for a nonimmigrant USA visa with the help of the following procedures.

Note: Children under the age of 14 or applicants of the age 80+ or if your USA visa had just expired within a year and revisiting the US for the same purpose of travel need not attend the applicant interview at the Embassy.

Step by step process of applying for the USA visa

Step 1: Choose the visa type

Read the common nonimmigrants Visas criteria to know your visa type. Choose your visa type according to the application sections suitable for your situation.

If your country falls under the Visa Waiver Program category, then you need not apply for the USA visa.

Step 2: Fill up the online DS-160 form

Next, you need to fill up the e-application of a nonimmigrant visa (DS-160) form. Carefully read the guidelines to fill the form and check that the provided details are true to your knowledge. This form has two sections in which one section is about your personal information and the other one is to check on your background and security details. Changes can’t be made after the submission of the form.

For any queries, clarify with the help of an advocate or translator. The call center will not assist you to fill the form. Make a note of your DS-160 form number for future reference. You can book an appointment only when you know your DS-160 form number.

In case if your visa gets denied then fill a new DS-160 form.

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Step 3: Complete the fee payment based on your visa type

After completion of the DS-160 form correctly, you need to pay the prescribed visa fee based on the purpose of your visit. The fee details for each visa category will be mentioned both in US currency and native currency.

The fee details based on the visa type is given below as:

  • Machine-readable fee – $160
  • Visa type (H, L, I, P, Q, R) Petition based applicants – $190
  • Visa type E1 to E3 applicants – $205

Estimate the visa fee based on the type according to your current native currency value against the US dollar.

You can pay the fee only through the banks accepted by them. Also, you need to create a profile and save the receipt number for future use.

The visa fee is a non-refundable one. The amount will not be refunded if your application gets rejected or if you wish to withdraw the application in halfway through.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment

Once you are done with the payment process, log in to your existing profile. Simply click on the Schedule Appointment option given on the left side of the webpage. Your appointment schedule will start to process.

You need to book two appointments, one to the Visa Application Center (VAC) and the next one to the Embassy.

  • The first appointment to VAC allows you to visit any one of its five regions to get your fingerprint and photo. This must be at least a day before the visit to the Embassy.
  • The second appointment is to visit the Embassy for an interview.

The following details are required to schedule an appointment:

  • Passport number
    • Visa fee application receipt number
    • A ten-digit barcode from the confirmation page of DS-160.

Step 5: Documents to carry to the Visa Application Center

Required documents to carry for the appointment scheduled to VAC are:

  • A valid passport to travel to the United States
    • DS-160 confirmation page
    • Appointment confirmation page
    • If the applicant is below 14 years, then carry a photograph given in the USA visa specifications.

Step 6: Documents to carry to the Embassy

Carry these necessary documents to the US Embassy for an interview:

  • A hard copy of your appointment confirmation page
    • A verified DS-160 confirmation page at VAC
    • New and all the old passports
    • All other additional documents needed as per your visa category.

Without these documents, your application will not be approved.

By following the above six steps, you can successfully get the USA visa after the complete verification done by the Embassy.


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