Exercises to release stress in Board exam

Are your grades often influenced by exam tension? If yes, then read till the end to get rid of the exam stresses.

Examinophobia or exam fever is remarkable stress among students specifically when the exams are around the corner. Stress is the response of a person towards anxiety. Slight controlled anxiety can help students improve their performance. If they stress a lot then it may lead to several health issues.

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Students frequently concentrate on their fears than spending time to focus on preparation. These exam fears ultimately are reflected in the performance of their exams.

Board exams generally not only stress out the students but also their parents. Parents need to guide and encourage their children for better performance.

Thus, the solution to all these issues is sticking to the actual plan and make it happen. Many of them fail to follow the actual plan and work on it.

Enlisting some of the exercises to feel stress-free and overcome board exam fears.

Exercises to feel stress-free

Have an early vision

After completely covering the syllabus while revising students must make a habit of practicing question papers before the examination. This practice helps them in time management and also if any doubt arises can be clarified with the teachers. They are advised to practice the trial papers between their regular board exam timing. This also helps in constructing a writing habit. Always practice writing the solution to the problems while studying.

Make an effective timetable

See to that the subjects which are least prepared needs to be given more attention while formulating the timetable. The preparation of an effective timetable is a must and stick to it.

Be prepared for the changes

Deal every day as a new challenge and make changes to your timetable giving priority to the most important work. But this is only applicable to the students who are completely thorough with their subjects. Also, select any time of study either in the relaxed mornings or in the calm evenings. Don’t be a night owl as the brain restores the input and helps in retaining them.

No same subject in a single day

Studying the same subject in a single day will make the students lose interest. Hence, a few more subjects can be included in their schedule.

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Prepare notes

Highlighting the keywords attract the reader’s mind and helps in collecting. Taking notes while scanning would be useful and it can be referred to when needed. Additionally, students can write related quotes/phrases to illustrate the answers. This helps in getting better grades.


If you are a person who workout regularly, do not halt it during exam time. Allocate 10-15 minutes for your routine work out which will support you in reducing anxieties and regulates your mood.

Generally, if you don’t exercise then go for a walk or ride for about 10-15 minutes per day and thrice a week.


Yoga is another best way to get a stress-free state. Meditate for about 10-15 minutes every day to attain a state of a calm mind. It stops you from bothering about your outcomes. It also helps in improving your concentration power. Five minutes of 7:7 breathing exercise can relax your mind,  breathe in and breathe out for seven seconds each.

Group study and compete

Always encourage a fair and truthful group study with buddies. Students must avoid involving in a group study who feels that it lowers their grades. A healthy competition among friends is good.

Have a balanced meal

Continuous preparation for the exam makes the students more hungry and wants to eat more. This is also a kind of stress eating. Have a healthy meal and avoid junkies during the exams. Don’t fall sick of irregular food habits.


Break free study time will make the students feel more and frustrated. Hence a short break is very essential to relax. Check on the duration, number, and the means to spend it in the right way

Wrap Up

Remember the famous saying “No pain, no gain”. Your efforts will be rewarded accordingly. Board exams are not leisure time to spend. The grades obtained will make a huge impact on their lives.

Facing the struggles is the basic of life, succeeding or losing is secondary. However, students must be ready to face the problems. Don’t negotiate the efforts put on preparation. We hope that students understand reality and heartily take up this challenge seriously.


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