How to Ace 12th Grade?

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How to Ace 12th Grade? – With the final exams for 12th grade soon approaching, the pressure on students is enormous. At this time, it becomes important to be able to not only study well and ace your exams but also to be able to handle the stress. The CBSE 12th grade exams begin on 5th March and go on until 12th April. The 2nd PU state boards exams begin on 1st March and go on for about 15 days. The ICSE 12th-grade exams have already started and will come to an end soon. It’s the time now when all students download their IIT JEE Main 2018 Admit card and start panicking and preparing for the competitive exams.

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First of all, it’s important to stay calm and focused. That being easier said than done with the pressure the society puts you through and all the expectations your parents will have, it is very vital to remember that it is just a phase of life, although an important one. With numerous students taking one or more tuitions, there’s a lot of confusion and hassle around the what to pursue further and how to go about it.

It’s very important to first figure out what you want to do. This does not involve only engineering and medical (although the society thinks that); there are a wide variety of other fields that will probably suit you. One needs to take the effort to explore and have the confidence to pursue. After this, just work towards that one goal and not be a jack of all and master of none. There’s no point of studying for CET and worrying about your NEET Exam Results. Students are told that these exams are the turning point in one’s life and that how you perform in these exams decides his future. Of course, they are important.

Being teenagers, distractions are many to come. It’s very crucial to stay dedicated and make the first few significant decisions of your life. The grades or marks that one score is crucial if one wishes to study abroad as the admissions to institutes and scholarships there heavily rely on your grades. Even for prestigious institutes in India like the IIMs, your admissions primarily depend on your performance in 12th grade. Many students go through the undue stress and fall into depression because of this. It is essential to not just study untiringly but also to stay healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no point of burying yourself in your books 24/7, you must also have hobbies as well. Meditation, exercise and a healthy social life also help in the overall development.

But never forget one thing, your marks don’t define who you are. There may be times when you just tend to get unlucky and not really score well in your exams. This should not be a burden that weighs you down. Yes, we don’t want to let our parents, elders, and friends down, but sometimes it’s just not in your hand. Although you’ve put effort, another may score slightly better than you, you may miss getting into the college of your choice from a scratch, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dead-end. Few years down the line, you’ll realize that it wasn’t worth all the anxiousness. There’s more to experience. All in all, although this is just part of your life, it is a vital part. So, take it seriously but not that seriously that it drives you out of your mind.


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