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Income Tax Raids Caught 281 Crore Cash Collection and Many more

The raids conducted in Madhya Pradesh over the last two days have exposed a "widespread" and "well-organised" racket involving unaccounted cash of Rs. 281 crore, the Income Tax department said in a statement on Monday.

Webwork Owner Anurag Garg’s Case was recently Heard

The case was heard on 27th November 2018 in the Gautam Buddh Nagar District court and it says the case has been Disposed and the nature of Disposal is Contested-Decided.

Anubhav Mittal Case’s Result from Hearing on 4 April 2019

The hearing was scheduled to be on 4th of April 2019 fro the last hearing date i.e on 11 March 2019. The Case was in between UP State vs. Anubhav Mittal, CEO of Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The case was presented in front of the Chief Judicial Magistrate.

Shatrughan Sinha Joins Congress Officially and Told this About BJP and Narendra Modi

Shatrughan Sinha Said, "In the one-man show, two-man army, everything happens from Prime Minister's Office... the ministers can't work freely anyway".

Lal Krishna Advani Finally Questioned the Functioning of BJP to which Modi Responded

Who would better know the nature of sheep while being one of them in the flock? Well, the basic sentiment on...

Anubhav Mittal’s case has been Cancelled

Anubhav Mittal and Ablaze Info Solution's case seems to be ongoing and never ending. The case journey from 2017 till date still...

Result of Anubhav Mittal Case in Lucknow’s Court on 12 December 2018

Owner of Social Trade and mastermind of 3700 crore scam, Anubhav Mittal was to be brought in the Lucknow court for the hearing on...

Anubhav Mittal’s Case to be Heard Today at Lucknow’s Court

Anubhav Mittal's Case to be Heard Today at Lucknow's Court: Ponzi Scheme's Mastermind, owner of Ablaze Information Systems pvt. Ltd. Anubhav Mittal was brought to...

Anubhav Mittal’s Release Application was Rejected Yet Again

Anubhav Mittal's Release Application was Rejected Yet Again: This must seem to you a bit awkward for the readers to get the news of Anubhav...