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Top 5 Fashion Trends at Met Gala 2019

Met Gal 2019 Top 5 Fashion Trends

All you need to know about the Cannes Film Festival

Now that Met Gala is done and dusted with, it is time for the second most significant red carpet events of...

A quick journey through the second phase of the Marvel series

1. Iron Man 3(2013) What seems like one of the last movies in the Iron man series,...

Shocking statement by Sunil Grover. Says “I do not watch Kapil Sharma show”

“I have spoken to Salman Khan about this issue, he can give me advice as far as I am concerned but it can't be applied to me’. On a closing note, he made a statement that could surprise you. He said ‘ I do not watch that show of which I am not a part of any more’.

GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done Through Bookkeeping of Several Fake Companies

Economical firms have been used cunningly to show growth in the GDP figure. Yes, you read it right i.e. GDP Growth...

Are you Charged for Paper Bags While Shopping – Don’t Pay a Penny

This was the case wherein a complaint was filed against the famous Bata Shoe Store when a customer protested against paying ₹3 for a paper bag.

MS Dhoni And Virat Kohli will be all in 2019 World Cup from Previous World Cup

The wait's finally over. Final 15 of Indian Cricket Team for the ODI World Cup will be declared on the 30th of May 2019. The first Match of India is scheduled to be held on 5th June 2019 and against South Africa.

Biopic of Narendra Modi has Been Stopped by Election Commission

Election Commission has stopped the release of "PM Narendra Modi", a biopic on the Prime Minister, till national elections are over. The film - scheduled for release on 11th April 2019, coinciding with the start of the Lok Sabha polls - "disturbs the level-playing field", the election body said.