Startup Lessons Every Entrepreneur can Learn from Avengers: Endgame

Things Entrepreneur can learn from Avengers Endgame

Being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk. It involves a lot of thinking and demonstrating qualities like leadership, perseverance, and resourcefulness. There are times when all you have in front of you is a huge question mark and yet you need to move forward. There are times where you give up on all pleasures of life including food and sleep to save your little dream. Entrepreneurs are superheroes of their own kind. Motivation is the number one thing an entrepreneur would need along with relaxation. And what better than Avengers: Endgame to provide with both. The movie gives some lessons to take home for entrepreneurs who work without differentiating day and night. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

1. Connections are essential


Avengers would not be what it has been today if they were not a team that kept on building. Even in Endgame, it was Captain Marvel who saved Iron Man. If it wasn’t for Captain Marvel’s and Fury’s deep friendship, there would not have been anyone out there for the rescue. The lesson we learn? Connections that might help us mutually and strategically are quite valuable. They not only help you in time of need but can give you various insights as well.

2. Even the best plans fail


Throughout the avenger series, we can often see that their best plans fail and the ones that come up during the crisis often wins. The initial plan of the surviving team was to travel back and get hold of the infinity stone. However, what they didn’t foresee was Thanos and the rest is history. As an entrepreneur, be open to plan B’s and c’s. Cos, in the end, we don’t know which one might provide the best solution.

3. Insecurities are common


Not all are perfect and it is not necessary that we need to be qualified for what we do. As tony stark says that he just pieced it along as he went when his father asks him how he felt to be Iron man, it is all about piecing those jumbled puzzles correctly. Giving in to your insecurities would only result in failure and what you need to understand is the change you can bring about if you fight them.

4. Keep going on


There is never an end to this journey. It has to keep going on. You will have to give not just your 100% but your sweat, blood and much more to reach your goals. Nothing is achievable without hard work, these days Smart work of course. And that is what the Avengers did. Even during their failure, they learned their mistakes and moved.

So Avengers, if you have anything interesting to share with us, comment section below is open to all. We would be blessed if this article brings change in even one person’s life. All the best Entrepreneurs.


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