6 Tricks for the Best Email Subjects – Learn Email Etiquette Today


In order to help digital marketers to make full use of email campaigns, attractive email subjects are necessary.

Use Short Subject Line

Example 1

  • Exercise Tips To Ignore!

Use Controversial Headlines

Example 2

  • 10 reasons civilization may collapse because of organic foods…

Use Keyword Phrase Subject Line

Example 3

  • What the best weight loss program looks like

Use Number and Count Subject Lines

Example 4

  • 6 bits of exercise advice that will land you in the hospital
  • 7 bizarre ways patio furniture can kill you suddenly
  • 8 things you probably don’t know about dog food

Use Actionable Subject Lines

Example 5

  • Make your first scrapbook the easy way – this week!
  • Fix your hair loss problem fast. Learn how…

Use Timely or Urgent Subject Lines

Example 6

  • Exclusive coupon code, but act fast – offer ends in 24 hours!
  • How to start making money online… today!


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