Shah Rukh Khan Featuring Fan has managed to earn 63.25 Crore in 5 Days

Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Fan has seen a significant drop in its film industry accumulations over the initial three days regardless of recording the most...

One Habit That Changed My Life – Do it now or Never

Dwelling in a modern society people is conscious of what is happening around them. In fact, our lifestyle has changed surprisingly well. Everyone is...

National Encryption Policy

Recently in news you must have heard about the National Encryption Policy. What is this policy? Why government is implementing this policy? How this policy...

Virat Kohli Comapired to Animals by Australian Media

All this started from the DRS (Decision Review System) Controversy which happened in the second test match where Indian Skipper Virat Kohli argued with...

Android N Finally has an Official Name and it’s More Sweeter Than Anything Before

ANDROID N Finally has an Official Name and it's More Sweeter Than Anything Before Following quite a while of theorizing and an open survey on what...

Bail Application for Releasing Anubhav Mittal Rejected by Court

This might be an old news, but we thought of putting it along for Anubhav Mittal news in order to get the count of...

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